Reverse Logistics begins when a product for any reason goes backwards through the supply chain.

Regardless of the reason Accel Inc. can help you reduce the burden on suppliers with both the process and the reconciliation. Properly managing returns and rework is a critical component of a company’s bottom line. Within the reverse logistics process there are many opportunities to save money that suppliers miss. Accel’s experienced team of experts has helped its clients manage reverse logistics and saved time, products and money.

Quality Inspection &  Sorting
Directed product inspection Partial or whole 100% inspections
Inspecting and culling damaged products Identifying mislabeled products
Sorting mixed lot codes Remove/rework products with issues
Drop testing & Vibration testing Product Measuring & Gauging
Reworks | Repacks | Pack Outs | Product Reclamation
Bulk to Single or Single to Bulk Variety and multi-packing from bulk
Modifying and reconfiguring Cosmetic/refurbishment work
Adding new or missing parts Reclaim damaged goods
Replacing bad parts Kitting, re-kitting and repackaging
Barcodes, Labels and Labeling
Relabeling Label Defacing
Over labeling Batch Lot Codes
Pricing Re-Pricing
Barcoding Re-Barcoding
Managing Recalled Products
Return to vendor or OEM Liquidation services
Recycling Disposal
Refurbishing services Product Testing