On-Package Dual-packaging can be a cost-effective medium for building a solid relationship with your customers. It’s these relationships that can help increase sales, order size and profit by exceeding your customers expectations.


Lets consider some of the top reasons dual packaging inserts are so important.

  • Cross-Selling – You know what the customer already likes, why not use it for highly targeted cross selling opportunities.
  • Cost of delivering the message is already paid for – The customer is already buying the product, why not make the most of it by improving customers awareness of other products.
  • Liquidating merchandise – Hard to move merchandise can be converted to a marketing expense and used to improve your relationship with current customers.
  • Increase Loyalty – Inserts make the customer feel special and important and provides a reason for them to share their story with others.

Accel Inc is your direct source for on-package dual-packaging for retail markets. We will provide you with packaging products you need to succeed in markets worldwide. Great packaging increases shelf impact and helps create greater brand awareness. We can help your package to stand out from your competitors.