Custom Computerized Systems

Accel Inc. has developed various customized database driven computer systems giving them a competitive advantage over companies without this capability. From Reverse POS systems, to Labor Management Check-in Procedures that make sure the right people are on the right jobs, you can be sure that Accel has the know how to tackle complex problems. Time is valuable and if a customized automated system can save an hour a day per person that can translate into hundreds or even thousands of hours a month. Computer automation can even eliminate jobs allowing companies to focus on growing their business. Data collection and organization is also extremely important as it allows management to quickly make the best decisions possible.  Accel’s scheduling department has custom software that allows them to see every detail of a project from a single screen saving hours of cross referencing and mouse clicking.  Accel’s competitive advantage in custom computerized systems allows them to deliver products and services to clients faster and more effectively then the competition.