Package Gluing Automation

Packaging machinery for adhesive dispensing is often required for enclosing or protecting products for distribution, sales and use. Accel Inc. has over 20 years of experience managing packaging adhesive dispensing equipment for both hot melt and cold glue applications. From simple hand gluing applicators to the complex computer activated dotting valves, along with a variety of melt tanks, auto-feeders, pumping systems, bracket packages and controls, we offer a complete selection of equipment specifically designed to provide the flexibility and cost savings your project requires.

The assembly of two or more products together is a common process within the packaging industry. Accel offers a wide range of applications, from plastic trays with inner padding, to give-away flyers and gifts glued to the inner side of a package. Perfumes, cosmetics, beauty products and pharmaceuticals are usually packaged in transparent or clear cases. Using hot melt adhesive to seal those packages ensures a clear application and a flawless end product.


Glue Dots® Application

Accel Inc. can also efficiently manage projects the require glue dot application. If you need to attach special offers or feature certain products and coupons to promotional packaging we can help keep your promotional print materials secure. We can also help you determine which adhesive strength is the best choice for your project.