Accel Inc offers a web portal that can provide you with real-time visibility of inventory any time of day or night from anywhere there is internet access.


Businesses utilizing third-party logistics providers (3PL) often require real-time inventory visibility. It doesn’t matter if products are classified as subcomponents, general merchandise, food, or hazardous materials. Any limitations, restrictions or gaps in a supply chain or distribution channel visibility can put your company at a competitive disadvantage. Accel Inc recognizes the widespread adoption of lean management and just-in-time (JIT) inventory control. Accel understands companies need real-time access to the status of your inbounds, shipments and inventory. A shipment of components or raw materials not arriving on the date and time called for in the production schedule can trigger an entire production line to shut down and jeopardize ship dates of the finished product to your customers. Similarly, in the retail environment, stores today increasingly keep all their entire stock on the sales floor. This keeps their inventory carry to a minimum, but puts them at risk if any inbound deliveries are delayed. Out-of-stock conditions mean lost revenue and unhappy customers.