When our newest client BaitCloud ( experienced rapid growth that sent their founders into the production facility instead of marketing and selling, they knew they needed to find a manufacturing partner with the expertise and capabilities to propel their growth even further. That’s where Accel came in – adding sporting goods manufacturing to our services to become a one-stop-shop for BaitCloud’s supply chain.

BaitCloud’s Beginnings

BaitCloud is an effervescent ball that is dropped in water to attract fish. It is the brain child of Carl and Cheryl of Ottawa, Canada. They started the business in 2014 after a chance meeting at a local gym. In the short time since, they have gained great word-of-mouth on social media as well as several retail and distributor partners in Canada, the US, and soon-to-be other international markets.

This quick growth required Carl, an experienced marketing and advertising professional, to switch from promotions to production – taking on chemistry, quality control and manufacturing to meet increased order quantities.

Expanding with Partners

As BaitCloud’s success continued to grow, Cheryl and Carl reached a tipping point in late 2016. They had to decide between investing in their own advanced manufacturing facility and partnering with an established partner to take it on for them. That’s where we came in.

If they were going to outsource, BaitCloud wanted an established, experienced provider that could take on today’s production, as well as partner with them to optimize, scale and grow. They wanted to stay involved, learn, and collaborate to design a solution specific to their needs.

That type of partnership is where we excel. Our personalized and hand-on approach to our clients, engineering creativity and experience is exactly what BaitCloud was looking for.

Accel to the Rescue

We have traditionally manufactured, packaged and assembled our client’s final products, and have been involved in the manufacturing of bath fizzies . However, BaitCloud presents a new path for Accel that now takes us into fishing products manufacturing for this client.

As BaitCloud’s new manufacturer and assembly partner, we are involved in the entire supply chain – eliminating logistics miles and production time. Our engineers went right to work designing an automated and hand manufacturing solution in a dedicated space in our facility. Our leadership team worked hand-and-hand with Carl and Cheryl to share expertise, brainstorm, and set up a long-term plan for success.

We built a special, dedicated clean room, learned and refined the product chemistry, and setup production. In a few short weeks, all of BaitCloud production moved to our facility in New Albany, OH.

And now Cheryl and Carl to get to do what they’re good at – getting BaitCloud products in front of new potential customers and retailers. They are hitting the road in 2017, traveling around the US to fishing shows and tournaments. Check out their website ( and Facebook page ( to keep up with them.

We’re all looking forward to ramping up scale for all of the additional orders Cheryl and Carl will secure in 2017 and beyond. Here’s to the continued growth and success of BaitCloud!


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